What’s New!!!

We have finally launched our 4 powders and masks.  They are available in 2oz retail and 4oz Studio.  We now have Advanced Aging Powder, Inflammation Powder, Beauty Powder and Exfoliating Powder. Please see below on how to use them.

Powders and Masks
Mix a small amount of our Aging or Inflammation Powders with a Dermaki facial oil to create a mask and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Remove with Dermaki cleanser depending on skin type. Your skincare professional may also have you mix one these powders with a Dermaki cleanser, toner or mask.

Whether your goal is to calm down inflammation or to give your daily regime a boost, one of our unique powders will certainly help you achieve your goals.

Also we have some new and exciting products coming soon!!!!

An Anti-Aging & Inflammation Powder with zinc & titanium to protect from the elements.
UVA/UVB blockers (from zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) in a powder form that should be brushed on skin throughout the day when you need to reapply your SPF.  Can be mixed with a lotion to help spread for the whole body or face.

Finally a powder that blends in all skin types without iron oxides and or chemicals.

Rose & Aloe Powder, Zinc Oxide, Green Tea, Cats Claw, Yarrow, Pomegranate, African Mango Extracts & Titanium Dioxide.

1oz travel sizes for the bars, Acne Treatment & Luxurious Face & Body Bar are available now.