Aging Facial

Anti-Aging Before

Anti-Aging After

Before and After

Anti-Aging Facial

Anti-Aging Kit - 1 Week

Treating Pigmentation - 1 Month

Treating Pigmentation - 2 Months

Treating Pigmentation - 3 Months

Acne Facial

Treating Acne & Inflammation with Dermaki's Clarifying Complex



BEFORE - treating with benzoyl Peroxide

BEFORE - Skin Irritation from Mask

AFTER - Using Dermaki Products is safer and more effective

AFTER - Using Soothe 20 Hours later

BEFORE And After - 3 months

BEFORE - Image of ankle

AFTER - Combination of Soothe and Body Rescue - 3 weeks later

Before Contact Dermatitis

AFTER - Using Soothe - 48 Hours Later

BEFORE - Image of Acid Peel Burn

AFTER - Using Soothe - 48 HOurs Later

Clarifying kit Before and After

Clarifying kit then moved into microneedling


microdermabrasion - The next day

Micro Serum Treatments


After Three Sessions

After five sessions

After One Treatment - The Next Day

After Three Treatments - Reduced Age Spots and Scarring

After One Treatment - The Next Day

After - one day later

After One Treatment - 3 weeks later

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